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Psychic calls and e-mail readings for entertainment purposes only. Over 18s only. The information we’re requesting is necessary for us to send you the answer to your question via e-mail, without entailing any cost to you, and to send you newsletters or product and complementary services offerings. This service gives you access to a single free consultation. If you want to know more about your inquiry, you can call us from the UK at 0911 699 5300 (calls cost £1.53/min from BT landlines) and from Australia at 1 902 255 430 (Calls cost $3.03/min. GTS incl. from landlines). Other networks may vary. Over 18s only, with billpayer's permission. Live psychic calls are for entertainment only and are recorded. Helpline 0203 3623 099. PO Box 50285 EC3P 3 WY.


Spells for love, money or good luck

Your life can be better! You can take control of your future!

White magic and spells can help you find the solutions and the answers that you are looking for. I haven’t yet come across a problem that can’t be solved. You just need to find the right solution – and this is where my role begins.

The spells of magic that I offer are not curses or black magic, and they don’t force anybody to do something that they don’t want to do.

These magic words and actions simply attract Good Luck. The Love Spells invite the person that you love into your life, and the Money Spells attract good opportunities and situations.

You already know that you live in a magical land, don’t you? And I wasn’t surprised to see that here, in Australia, the land of the Waltzing Matilda, where people have a deeper, more meaningful and earthed spirituality than in other parts of the world, we can actually communicate with and influence the energies that surround us all.

Do you want to find love?
To re-unite with someone from your past?
To find a better job?
To make more money?
To shed the back-luck that seems to follow you wherever you go?

You have come to the right place! Just chose the spell that you need from the drop-down menu on your left, tell me a little bit about your situation, and I will send you a personalized love spell, a good luck spell or a ritual for finding true friends or for financial stability by e-mail.

And always remember:
Your Destiny is in Your Hands!

Love and light,
Ava Rose
Psychic Healer

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